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Wagner, Steven (Canada)
Wakelam, Randall (Canada)
Wakelam, Randall, Royal Military College of Canada (Canada)
Walde, Thomas
Walker, Joshua
Wang, E.B.
Wang, Rear Admiral Nils, Royal Danish Defence Academy (Denmark)
Warren, James
Watts, Martin J., Center of Full Employment and Equity, The University of NewcastleThe University of Newcastle (Australia)
Webb, Paula L., University of South Alabama (United States)
Weins, Gavin, University of Calgary
Weir, Erin, Department of History, University of Calgary (Canada)
Weir, Erin M. K., University of Calgary
Wenkoff, John Adrian
Wheeler, CD, RMC, MA, Major Nicholas, Wilfrid Laurier University
Wiesner, Dr. Ina, Bundeswehr Centre for Military History and Social Sciences (Germany)
Williams, Cindy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Williams, Mark S.
Williams, Paul
Wilner, Alex, Senior Researcher, Center for Security Studies (CSS), at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Switzerland)
Wilner, Alex S., Doctoral Candidate of Political Science, Dalhousie University (Canada)
Wilson, Brent, Journal of Conflict Studies (Canada)
Winegard, Timothy C.
Winslow, Donna, Program for Research on Peace Security and Society, Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa (Canada)
Winton, Harold R., School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, Air University (United States)
Wiseman, Matthew S., University of Toronto (Canada)
Wiseman, Matthew, Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada)
Withheld, Name
Wittels, Stephen, Center for Preventive Action and the Africa Policy Studies Department, Council on Foreign Relations (United States)
Woodside, Claire

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