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Paparone, Christopher, US Department of the Army (United States)
Park, Evan, University of Victoria (Canada)
Peabody, David
Peña, Charles V., CATO Institute (United States)
Peric, Sabrina, University of Calgary department of Anthropology and Archaeology (Canada)
Perras, Galen
Perras, Galen, Department of History, University of Ottawa (Canada)
Perry, Dave
Pettit, Steve L., US Strategic Command (United States)
Plamondon, Aaron, Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, University of Calgary (Canada)
Plamondon, Aaron, University of Calgary
Plowright, Will, University of British Columbia (Canada)
Pöhlmann, Markus (Germany)
Pomeroy, Steven Anthony, United States Air Force Academy (United States)
Porter, Tony, Political Science, McMaster University (Canada)
Powell, Lieutenant-Colonel Dean A., US Army (United States)
Pratt, David
Prebagaran, J., Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Malaysia)
Preston, Matt, University of Calgary (Canada)
Prieur, Alex, University of Calgary

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