Considerations for the Future of Canadian Military Air Power


  • Brad Gladman Operational Research and Analysis Branch Head – RCAF Aerospace Warfare Centre

Author Biography

Brad Gladman, Operational Research and Analysis Branch Head – RCAF Aerospace Warfare Centre

Dr. Brad Gladman had a background in commercial and military aviation before completing Bachelor's and Master of Arts degrees at the University of Calgary. In 2001, he earned a PhD in military history from the University College London. He has since graduated from of the Harvard Kennedy School

with an Executive Certificate in Public Leadership. He has published numerous articles and book chapters on defence and security matters, as well as a book entitled Intelligence and Anglo-American Air Support in World War Two. After returning to Canada in 2001, Dr. Gladman taught a broad range of history courses at the University of Calgary, including the history of World War Two, Espionage and the State, as well as a number of war and society courses from the Medieval period through to the Nuclear Age. Dr. Gladman has also taught Canadian Military History and the History of Science and Technology for the Royal Military College of Canada, and has lectured at the United States Air Force Academy and the Turkish Air War College.

Dr. Gladman joined the Department of National Defence in 2003, with his initial posting being with the Directorate of Defence Analysis. In early 2005, Dr. Gladman was named the defence academic representative on Chief of the Defence Staff Action Team 1, working directly for the CDS in the initial stages of the Canadian Armed Forces transformation. Subsequently, as a result of the request from the former Deputy Commander of NORAD, Dr. Gladman was posted to Colorado Springs where he became the Team Leader for the NORAD Operational Research and Analysis team providing analysis and advice to the NORAD Deputy Commander. Currently, Dr. Gladman is the Operational Research and Analysis Branch Head at the RCAF Aerospace Warfare Centre, leading a team of defence scientists providing analysis and advice to the RCAF. His leadership in this role has earned him an Assistant Deputy Minister (S&T) commendation, and his work on the RCAF Strategy resulted in a Commander RCAF commendation for outstanding professionalism and dedication.






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