Piercing the Veil of Darkness? Deception and Intelligence in Warfare


  • Professor James L. Regens University of Oklahoma
  • Dr. Charles B. Vandepeer Charles Sturt University


Since antiquity, the importance and versatility of deception as a key military stratagem is demonstrated by military commanders’ reliance on an array of subterfuges encompassing disinformation, covert or clandestine actions, false flags, ruses, and feints designed to deceive an adversary and degrade situational awareness of genuine intent. In parallel, commanders attempt to use intelligence for determining a potential opponent’s capabilities and getting indicators and warnings of an adversary’s intent. Better understanding of the interconnectedness between waging and countering deception provides insights into the dynamic relationship between deception and intelligence in warfare.

Author Biographies

Professor James L. Regens, University of Oklahoma

James L. Regens is Regents Professor and Director of the Center for Intelligence and National Security — an Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence — at the University of Oklahoma.

Dr. Charles B. Vandepeer, Charles Sturt University

Charles B. Vandepeer is a Senior Lecturer in Intelligence and National Security at Charles Sturt University and runs the Mind of War Project