Why is China Accommodating a Nuclear North Korea?


  • Ioan Tuleasca Graduate of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


The Korean Peninsula's strategic outlook is characterized by what can be ultimately summarized as armed stability derived from a frozen conflict. As described in this paper, China (People’s Republic of China) supports its communist neighbour North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) for political, economic, strategic, social, and philosophic reasons. China’s stance can be associated with its final goal of replacing the United States (US) as the dominant power in East Asia, where the present-day strategic competition between the two economic and military powerhouses does not allow for a breakthrough in solving the Korean conundrum. The prime beneficiary of this situation is North Korea, which continues unabated its quest for military and nuclear superiority even if submitted to harsh international sanctions.


Author Biography

Ioan Tuleasca, Graduate of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Ioan Tuleasca, former Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, decided to follow a different professional line of work and successfully completed two qualifications with Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, at this effect. The first one, a Graduate Diploma in International Relations, was a stepping stone for the Master of Strategic Studies acquired in 2021, whose dissertation introduced the concept of military-industrial-financial system as a solution to the contemporary global stress factors that affect the rules-based international order.