New Government, New President, New Israel?


  • Melanie Carina Schmoll

Author Biography

Melanie Carina Schmoll

Melanie Carina Schmoll, Phd, is a research fellow at the Finkler Institute of Holocaust Research, Bar Ilan University, Israel and an independent author. She is a Political Scientist and Historian. Dr. Schmoll received her doctorate from the University of Hamburg, Germany. She holds a MA´s and BA´s degree in the fields of Political Science, History, and Philosophy. Her main research focuses on Israel, specifically security issues and Holocaust Education. Dr. Schmoll speaks frequently in the US, Canada, and Israel. She recently finished studies on Holocaust Education in Israel, Canada, and Germany. One current research project is called: “Wiederholt sich Geschichte? Eine weitere deutsche Demokratie stirbt (working title, in German). Another current study analyses the use of religion in Israel regarding security measures. Since 2020 she works as an author for textbooks in German-speaking countries. She also develops additional educational material for teachers and educators in Israel, as well as works as an advisor and expert on textbooks.