Ottoman Campaigns in the First World War


  • Edward J. Erickson Antalya Bilim University



Unlike the British or the Americans, the Turks do not officially designate or name military campaigns in their official histories. This article presents the author’s appraisal of which operations might be considered as the Ottoman army’s campaigns in the First World War.

The Ottomans fought a large number of operations and battles in the war but an analysis of these in terms of defining them at the operational level is absent from the extant historiography. The article also presents an appraisal of the various offensive and defensive campaigns that the Ottoman army conducted in the First World War as well as identifying a new vocabulary that distinguishes the army’s deliberate campaigns from its campaigns of opportunity and expediency.

Author Biography

Edward J. Erickson, Antalya Bilim University

Dr. Edward Erickson is a Professor of International Relations at Antalya Bilim University, Antalya, Turkey and a retired Professor of Military History from the Department of War Studies at the Marine Corps University. He retired from the United States Army as a lieutenant colonel with multiple combat tours in the field artillery and additional experiences as a foreign area officer specializing in the Middle East. Dr. Erickson is recognized as an authority on the First World War in the Middle East and Turkish military policy.