The short road from the COVID-19 pandemic to the information warfare pandemic


  • Vasile Popescu National Defence University Bucharest
  • Cristi Ichimescu


We have reached the level where we are already talking about an “infodemia” related to COVID-19. Not only the virus is spreading around the world, but also an increasing amount of information, real information warfare. The COVID-19 pandemic and the medical crisis that came with it are an opportunity for the world's major players already waging a wider information warfare, a campaign to show how well they manage the situation in their own states, and how they help globally. From here come the great failures, the great defeats and losses of those who tried to fish in troubled waters and to capitalize politically and as an image a crisis where there is extreme pain, many sick and where no one swallows this type of behavior, under any circumstances. In this respect, the present study represents a systemic and multidisciplinary research of the COVID-19 pandemic at different levels such as the political, economic, psychosocial, medical and information warfare one. Eventually, this research came up with an integrated strategic communication proposal which raises the attention regarding a more judicious involvement of the competent institutions of each EU country in the “information warfare” and, implicitly, in the related public communication.