Implementing National Security: The IDF’s Principles for Planning the Israeli Civilian Industry after the Establishment of the State of Israel


  • Yoram Fried Independent scholar


Most works on national security in democratic states highlight the role of the civilian government or its appointed bodies in defining national security principles. Hence, one of the goals of national security planners is to create guidelines for decision-makers and convince them of their necessity and importance in deterring expected threat.

Israel's War of Independence ended with a ceasefire and it was clear to the political and military leadership that a second round of fighting with the Arab countries was only a matter of time and that vital industrial and infrastructure sites would be targeted by enemy attacks during wartime. The IDF leadership quickly realized that the military planning bodies were the sole entities to fully comprehend the country's security needs and therefore should be the only ones authorized to dictate national security requirements. As such, it should also oversee the civilian industrial planning.