Canada’s Coast Guard Operations In Our Arctic Ocean


  • Jeff Gilmour Arctic Institute of North America

Author Biography

Jeff Gilmour, Arctic Institute of North America

Jeff Gilmour has been a Research Associate of the Arctic Institute of North America since 1998. 

He currently serves as a member of the Municipal Government Board and a part-time member of the Energy Resources Conservation Board. 

Mr. Gilmour was appointed Honourary Consul for the Republic of Mali in 1995. 

In 1986-1993 he served as Assistant Deputy Minister of Justice with the Government of the Northwest Territories; he served as Chairman and CEO of the Northwest Territories Workers Compensation Board from 1993-1996; and from 1997-1998 he served as Deputy Minister of the Executive and Secretary to Cabinet. 

His research areas are Resource Law and International Law of the North.






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