Revisiting Africa in Canadian Security Planning & Assessment


  • Chris W. J. Roberts Department of Political Science, University of Calgary
  • Professor Tim Stapleton Department of History, University of Calgary

Author Biographies

Chris W. J. Roberts, Department of Political Science, University of Calgary

Chris is President of African Access Consulting (est. 1995), a ‘mature’ PhD candidate in political science at the University of Alberta, and an instructor in political science at the University of Calgary. Prior to coming back to the academy (to do a Master of Strategic Studies at the Centre of Military, Security, and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary), Chris mostly worked on Canada-Africa commercial and development projects as a consultant to government, international organizations, and companies for over fifteen years. He was a founding director of the Canadian Council on Africa in 2002, and served as its Western Canada Vice-President until 2009. For work or research, he’s visited fourteen countries in Africa, some numerous times (Nigeria most recently). His scholarly research revolves around Canadian & international intervention in Africa, African comparative politics and political economy including extractive industries, and the security-development-governance nexus.

Professor Tim Stapleton, Department of History, University of Calgary

Tim works on the history of war and society in Africa, particularly Southern Africa. He has published nine sole-authored books, the most recent of which include Warfare and Tracking in Africa, 1952-1990 (2015), A Military History of Africa, 3 vols. (2013), African Police and Soldiers in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1923-80 (2011) and A Military History of South Africa (2010). He is currently editing an Encyclopedia of African Colonial Conflicts and writing A History of Genocide in Africa. Previously, he taught at Rhodes University and the University of Fort Hare in South Africa, Trent University in Canada, and was a research associate at the University of Zimbabwe and the University of Botswana.