China’s Post-Cold War Challenges and the Birth of its Current Military Strategy


  • Sheman Xiaogang Lai Department of History, University of Manitoba


This paper is an attempt to identify the driving forces behind the Military Strategic Guideline for the New Era, introduced in China by Jiang Zemin, chair of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Military Commission, through an examination of accessible publications. This review may be helpful to researchers in their efforts to anticipate the possible responses of Chinese leaders to unprecedented challenges.

Author Biography

Sheman Xiaogang Lai, Department of History, University of Manitoba

Dr Sherman Xiaogang Lai is a sessional instructor at the Department of History, University of Manitoba. He obtained his PhD at Queen’s University at Kingston (2008), MA of War Studies at RMC (2002) and MA of history at the Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (1987). He served at the Department of Foreign Military Studies, the Academy of Military Science of the Chinese Liberation Army during 1987-1997. In 2000, he immigrated to Canada. His principal publication is A Springboard to Victory: Shandong Province and the Chinese Communist Military and Financial Strength, 1937-1945 (Brill: 2011).







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