A Middle Power on the World Stage: Canadian Grand Strategy in the Twentieth Century


  • Michael S. Neiberg United States Army War College

Author Biography

Michael S. Neiberg, United States Army War College

MICHAEL S. NEIBERG (M.A. and Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University) is Professor of History in the Department of National Security and Strategy at the US Army War College.  He previously taught at the US Air Force Academy and was the Co-Director of the Center for the Study of War and Society at the University of Southern Mississippi.  His published work specializes on the First and Second World Wars, notably the American and French experiences.  His most recent book is Dance of the Furies: Europe and the Outbreak of World War I (Harvard University Press, 2011).  In October, 2012 Basic Books will publish his history of the liberation of Paris in 1944.






The Ross Ellis Lecture in Military and Strategic Studies