The Evolution of the Russian Approach to the MTCR: The End of a Chapter?


  • Victor Mizin IMEMO Institute, Moscow


The issues of missile proliferation have attracted serious attention at the end of the last century as this threat had suddenly emerged endangering the leading global democracies. The traditional instruments of coping with it in the past have proved to be unsatisfactory in controlling the proliferating urges of certain problem states, including Russia. This article, while briefly tracing the genesis and analyzing the periods of Moscow’s missile-related dealings, suggests some innovative ways to stem the Russian proliferation threat, real or virtual - with the view of completely eliminating this topic as a potential irritant in global nonproliferation and Russia’s interrelationship with the West. The author attempts to evoke a thesis that the entire “chapter” of the Russian missile proliferation threat with its periods and specific cases might be a by-gone problem of the country’s readjustment period which has been completed with the advent of Putin’s administration.

Author Biography

Victor Mizin, IMEMO Institute, Moscow

Dr. Mizin made his career as an arms control, nonproliferation, and global security expert in the Russian Foreign Ministry, where he headed consecutively the Offices of the ABM Treaty and Outer Space; Export Control and Nonproliferation, and UN Peacekeeping Operations and Sanctions (charged with the Iraq-UN file). He participated as an adviser in numerous bilateral and multilateral arms control negotiations and fora, including START I and START II, INF, SCC on the ABM Treaty, the Conference on Disarmament, and the UN Disarmament Commission. He also served as a political counselor at the Russian Mission to the United Nations and was an UNSCOM inspector. Dr. Mizin graduated magna cum laude from Moscow State Institute of International Relations in 1978 and received a PhD in political science from the Moscow-based Institute of USA and Canada Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1991. He has participated in a number of international arms control and nonproliferation conferences and published extensively on security and military issues in Russia and in the West. Dr. Mizin is the Vice-President of the independent Moscow-based Center for Strategic Assessments, a member of the Center for Political and Military Prognosis of the Russian Academy of Science IMEMO Institute, and a member of the board of the Russian NGO Committee on Critical Technologies and Nonproliferation.