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Ramsey, Paul, Department of History at the University of Calgary (Canada)
Randall, Stephen, University of Calgary (Canada)
Randall, Stephen J.
Randall, Stephen J., Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Calgary (Canada)
Ranjan, Amit, Delhi University (India)
Rennick, Joanne, University of Waterloo/Wilfred Laurier
Reumkens, Brock, Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, University of Calgary (Canada)
Richter, Andrew, University of Windsor (Canada)
Rikhye, Ravi
Rioux, Jean-Sébastien, Institut québécois des hautes etudes internationales (HEI), and Assistant Professor of Political Science, Laval University (Canada)
Ripsman, Norrin M., Dalhousie University and Concordia University (Canada)
Rishikof, Harvey (United States)
Roberts, Chris W. J., Department of Political Science, University of Calgary (Canada)
Roberts, Dr. Kari, Mount Royal University (Canada)
Roberts, Kari, University of Calgary (Canada)
Robertson, Colin, Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (Canada)
Roislien, Hanne Eggen, Norwegian Defence Cyber Academy (Norway)
Romaniuk, Scott Nicolas, University of Aberdeen, University of St. Andrews (United Kingdom)
Roof, Abe, University of Calgary
Roseneder, Jan
Ross, CMM, CD, Major-General (ret'd) Cameron
Royds, Mollie, University of Calgary (Canada)
Rudd, David, Defence Research and Development Canada (Canada)
Rutherdale, Dr. Rob (Canada)
Ryan, Alex, MaRS Solutions Lab (Canada)
Rynning, Sten, University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)

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