Introduction: Revolution in Military Epistemology

Philippe Beaulieu-B., Philippe Dufort


This special issue offers a platform for 15 leading military practitioners (commanders, planners, developers and instructors on duty or retired) from five countries to share their experiences with design thinking and other reflexive approaches in the classroom, in headquarters and/or on battlefields. These reflexive approaches are gaining momentum and are consolidating as a distinct paradigm in military and strategic practices around the world. The articles included herein present the visions of some of the leading practitioners dictating the terms and promoting this epistemological transition in their national institutions and, in some cases, transnationally. This introduction divides contributors into four task forces based on key issues they engage: efficacy criteria including ethics, education, and organizational politics. The conclusion of this special issue lays the ground for a research program to further learn from and inform reflexive military practices by developing three directions following the logics of translation, narration and power relations.

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