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Gilmour, Jeff, University of Calgary (Canada)
Gilmour, Jeff, Arctic Institute of North America (Canada)
Gilmour, Jeffrey, Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary (Canada)
Gimblett, Richard
Gimour, Jeff (Canada)
Gladman, Brad, Department of National Defence (Canada)
Gladman, Brad
Gladman, Brad W., Strategic Analyst , Operational Research and Analysis, Canada Command Headquarters
Gladman, Dr. Brad
Gobeil, Gabriel Boulianne, University of Ottawa (Canada)
Gobeil, Gabriel Boulianne (Canada)
Godefroy, Andrew, Canadian Army Land Warfare Centre (Canada)
Graicer, Ofra (Israel)
Grams, Grant, Concordia University College of Alberta (Canada)
Grams, Grant W., Department of History, University of Alberta (Canada)
Granatstein, Dr. Jack (Canada)
Granatstein, J.L.
Grassiani, Erella, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Gray, Truda
Greaves, Wilfrid
Gregorian, Hrach
Grey, Jeffrey, Australian Defence Force Academy (Australia)
Gross, Gerhard, German Armed Forces Military History Research Office (Germany)
Grunau, Steve, Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University (Canada)
Guest, Xavier Leger (Canada)
Guevara, Colonel Pedro Javier Rojas, National Army, Columbia (Colombia)
Gustavson, Wesley C.


Haas, Michael Carl, Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
Haglund, David
Haglund, David G., Queen's University (Canada)

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