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Champagne, OMM, CD, Brigadier-General Gerry, Canadian Forces (Canada)
Charbonneau, Bruno
Charron, Andrea, Royal Military College of Canada
Chen, Kai, Zhejiang University (China)
Chledowski, 2Lt Stephen, Reserve Artillery Officer, Canadian Forces (Canada)
Choi, Tim, Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, University of Calgary (Canada)
Christensen, Kyle D., DRDC CORA (Canada)
Citino, Robert, University of North Texas (United States)
Clark, Sean M., International Studies, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)
Clarkson, Stephen, University of Toronto (Canada)
Cleland, Beau, Department of History, University of Calgary (Canada)
Cleminson, Ron
Clermont, Francis, Royal Military College St-Jean
Clyde, Jerremie
Collins, Jeffrey F., Carleton University (Canada)
Collins, Riley, University of Calgary -- Center for Military and Strategic Studies (Canada)
Coning, Cedric de
Cook, Dr. Tim, Canadian War Museum (Canada)
Copp, Terry
Cormier, Youri, Kings College London (United Kingdom)
Cornish, Stephen
Cotter, Captain (Navy) James
Cousineau, Stephanie, University of Calgary (Canada)
Cousineau, Stephanie, University of Calgary
Crawford, Jacob (United States)
Curran, Ty


Dack, Mikkel
Dalehite, Esteban G., Florida International University
Dantiki, Sumon, McGill University/University of Michigan (Fulbright Scholar) (Canada)
Davidson, Rear-Admiral Bob

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